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How can you test high load?

testRTC can get to high number of probes count for its testing . That said, since we use real browsers that require multiple CPU cores to work effectively at large scale, this becomes expensive at times.

There are two ways to scale beyond a few 1,000’s of probes in a single test efficiently:

  1. Voice only. For voice only tests, you can open multiple tabs in the browser of each probe, getting more density. From our experience, you can expect anywhere between 4-8 tabs to be opened in parallel per probe before the audio bitrate becomes a bit unstable
  2. Video testing. For video testing at higher scales, our suggestion is to use testRTC with anywhere between 100-1,000 probes while running synthetically generated traffic towards your media servers using other tools. For more on how to achieve that, contact us directly

Check out our checklist for preparing a test script for WebRTC stress testing.

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