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Deep integration with qualityRTC

In some cases, you will want to embed the qualityRTC frontend inside your own web application. This is a powerful capability that gives you greater control over the user experience, letting you stitch the network test step inside your own application’s workflow. qualityRTC offers several tools that you can use to reach this goal:

  • Use ?embedded=true in the URL and wrap the page as an iframe in your own web page
    • This way, you can place the page wherever you want in your web application
    • To use it, be sure to contact our support since it requires us to reduce some of the privacy protections we have be default on qualityRTC pages
  • Pass ?micid=x and ?camid=x in the URL
    • You can now let your user select in your own UI which camera and/or microphone to use
    • These will be used during the test as well
  • Use ?hidewidgets=true to remove all displayed widgets
    • You will be left with our popup progress bar for the test
    • The purpose of this is to allow you to display whatever data and UI you’d like to your end user
  • Use ?returnurl=url to go to your own page after the test completes
    • If you want to show only partial result, or not show the result at all, or simply move forward at the end of the network test – you can use this feature
    • This way, you can move forward in your workflow automatically
    • This is best used in conjunction to GET /qualityrtc/result/{testid} to collect the result of the test and decide what data of it to display to your user

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