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I received a setup email. What should I do next?

If you have received an email, it will be sent along with some links to help you start the probe. You can start the probe by clicking on the Web Browser version, alternatively, you can download and install the probeRTC application natively on your computer by clicking on the appropriate link for the Windows Version or the Mac Version.

Some things to note here:

  • Email is received from
  • The email informs the end user of the person who created and configured the probe and who will be analyzing it.
  • It shows the name that has been given to the probe.
  • It shows the probe ID which will be needed if the end user installs the software application.
  • It provides a direct browser link, as well as links to download the software app as a windows .exe file or a macOS .dmg file.
  • It provides a link to detailed instructions on how to install the probe

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