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Supporting Teams

Information to support teams when using testingRTC across multiple teams, projects and products.

Single project, multiple team members

testRTC has the ability to share a single project with multiple team members.

When you create an account in testRTC, it automatically creates a project for you.

If you need more team members to be part of your project, just have these members join testRTC and then contact support. We will configure all team members to be able to view the same project.

Single company, multiple projects

As a user, you can have access to multiple projects in testRTC.

This can be quite useful when your company subscribes to multiple products.

An example for this is subscribing to both testing and monitoring. In such a case, it is suggested to split these two into separate projects. When testing, developers tend to modify and tweak test scripts on a regular basis, while monitors need to be written once and run continuously. By splitting them, you make sure that less mistakes are done on monitor scripts by developers.

Another example is when different users need access to different services – by having them in separate projects you can manage the access.

Configuring projects and handling user access is handled directly by our support team.

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