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Recommendations Engine

In today's world, customer interactions are at the heart of any business. To ensure these interactions are seamless and error-free, our Recommendations Engine provides valuable insights and alerts. This feature actively checks for telltale signs of incorrect behavior, empowering you to take timely action.

We've taken a significant step in actively monitoring metrics and events, aiming to identify and tackle common issues faced by our customers. This is a comprehensive library of rules and recommendations that can help you proactively address issues and enhance the quality of interactions.

What does the recommendation engine monitor?

Our Recommendations Engine covers a wide range of scenarios and issues that might impact your customer experience.

What are the Benefits?

  • Reduce Analysis Time: Detecting and addressing issues like open peer connections helps conserve resources and reduce errors, ultimately saving time and costs.
  • Proactive Issue Detection: By actively monitoring metrics and events, the engine identifies potential problems before they impact your customers, enabling you to take preventive action.
  • Knowledge Base Support: Detailed articles linked to status codes in our knowledge base provide guidance and best practices for addressing issues effectively.
  • Accessing Recommendations Programmatically: The unique status codes can be programmatically accessed, enabling you to automate actions and streamline issue resolution.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: With data streams and recommendations, you can make informed decisions and continuously improve customer interactions.

Status Code Lookup

To learn more about a particular status code you can search for it in the Status Code Lookup section of the knowledge base.

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