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API key management

API keys are managed from within the testRTC ‘Settings’ page. Here you can create multiple keys for each type. Read on to learn more.

Types of Keys

testRTC has two types of API keys:

  1. An API key to invoke our REST API
  2. Another one for watchRTC SDK access

API Key Settings

We have consolidated the API key management into a new Settings page. This allows you to create and manage multiple API keys per type and to manage your keys in an easier way.

For example, if you need to change your REST API key, you can now perform the migration gradually. This involves having two API keys and transitioning from one to the other over time. You can then delete the old key once you’ve completed your deployment.
Figure 1. API Key Settings

How to Create a API Key

  1. Navigate to the Settings section
  2. Select the ‘General’ tab

  4. Give the key a name
  5. Choose the key type
  6. Click CREATE

Benefits of API key management:

  • Create more than one API key per type
  • Better management and visibility of API keys
  • Use more than a single API key for the things that you need
  • Migrate from one API key to another risk-free

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