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The DNS Lookup Widget tests the reachability and connectivity to a list of HTTPS or WSS addresses.

This test checks that a set of URLs, both HTTPS and secure websockets can be reached and connected to from the browser. This is important for users behind restrictive networks where domains need to be whitelisted to use.


During onboarding we can:

  • Provide a list of URLs you want to test against
  • Use a two-part request where the first is used to collect credentials and the second to check connectivity to the service you need

To test your URL list prior to configuring it on qualityRTC you can use our DNS Lookup test page.


The following table outlines the default threshold for the values collected. These thresholds are customizable.
Metric Good Mediocre Bad
Connected     One or more addresses are unreachable
Minimum connection time Below 2,000ms Above 2,000ms  
Average connection time Below 2,000ms Above 2,000ms  
Maximum connection time Below 2,000ms Above 2,000ms  

When to use?

The DNS Lookup widget enables an easy way to test that all of the domains you need the user to be able to access are actually accessible from his browser.

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