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Twilio support in qualityRTC

Twilio Programmable Voice and Programmable Video are supported by qualityRTC “out of the box”. The following capabilities are available when setting up a qualityRTC account to support Twilio’s infrastructure:

  1. Connect to Twilio’s TURN servers
    • This is useful if you’ve implemented a service using Twilio Global Network Traversal Service independently of other Twilio services
    • It is also important if you are using Programmable Voice and Programmable Video since qualityRTC isolates the TURN servers for specific tests
  2. Connect to a Twilio IVR
  3. Connect to Twilio Programmable Video
    • Conduct local bandwidth estimation tests
    • Run a call through the Twilio media server
    • Launch a full P2P video call test (using out testingRTC in the backend)
  4. Conduct HTTPS speed testing test
    • We have speed testing machines running in all locations where Twilio runs their voice and video data centers
    • This gives you the ability to test the network conditions and available bandwidth between the users and the Twilio data centers
  5. Check ping times
    • Find the closest Twilio data center to the user’s location
    • Figure out DNS routing issues and automatic geolocation problems

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