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A quick analysis example of a WebRTC test failure

The video below shows an example of how I look at test results:

  1. Look at the error message shown on the main test results page. It will tell you which probe “failed first”
  2. If there’s media, you can check the media on that main test results page as well to figure out what went wrong
  3. Drill down to the faulty probe(s)
  4. Check the error and the Notifications tab – this tab automatically collects all warnings and errors from across the logs testRTC has access to
  5. Look at the screenshots in the Media tab. They may give you a hint of the problem
  6. Look at the Performance tab to see if there are any issues with the CPU. High jitter and packet loss can be caused due to high CPU utilization
  7. Check the testRTC Internals if you need to drill down further into peer connection configuration, ICE candidate pairs or the actual event log of the WebRTC API calls that took place

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