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Export mechanism

Export is available in most places across the platform. Read on to learn more.

The export function will start running the export the moment you ask for it. If the task is short, you’ll get the exported file to download automatically. If it takes slightly longer, an email will be sent as soon as it is ready which contains a download link.

Data can be exported in either CSV or JSON format where it makes sense.

Example export

Export options

When the export button is clicked, it opens up a popup window indicating:

  • Format of the file being downloaded (CSV or JSON)
  • Maximum number of records that will be exported
  • The columns that are included in the output
Figure 1. Export dialog

Column selection

The columns that are included in the export are decided by whichever columns you have displayed on the user interface (UI). If you would like to add or remove a particular column from the exported data you can do so by editing the table on the UI and exporting the data again.

Need a larger export?

If you need to export something longer than the maximum limit we have, our suggestion is to use our Data Streams feature instead – this is what it was designed and built for.

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