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What identifiable information does watchRTC SDK collect?

watchRTC is focused on collecting metrics, events and KPIs that are important to analyzing and troubleshooting network and behavior issues in your WebRTC application. Since our SDK gets integrated into your application, we make it a point to collect as much as we possibly can to help you with your monitoring needs while at the same time we keep the privacy of your users.

When collecting information, there are only two types of fields that can be considered as PII (Personally Identifiable Information) in watchRTC:

  1. IP addresses
  2. Peer ID’s

IP Address

While we do collect IP addresses, we don’t fully store them. We store only the 3 first octets of the 4. An IP address of for example will be stored and displayed as 83.130.194.x. Before we “obfuscate” the IP address, we also geolocate the user, to understand his country and city. While doing that, we reduce the granularity of longitude and latitude to ~50km radius.

Peer ID

Peer ID’s are information you determine. It is advisable not to use emails or other identifiable information there and instead use them to correlate with your own application ID’s for the peers in the session.

Note: It should also be noted that the communication between the SDK and our backend servers is encrypted in transit.

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