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Deep linking to rooms and peers

Oftentimes, you will have your own metadata associated with the rooms and peers you store in watchRTC. You might even have dedicated URLs for them, linking towards your database dashboard or other monitoring systems.

To make it super simple for you to switch from one application to another, watchRTC offers deep linking capabilities. This means that:

  1. You can deep link to any roomId and peerId, so that it is reachable with a single link-click from your systems
  2. You can deep link back from inside watchRTC room and peer views directly to your systems

In order to use this capability, be sure to decide how you designate roomId and peerId values in watchRTC.

Linking from your system to watchRTC

If you need to open a specific room or peer inside watchRTC, you can use these URL shortcuts:


You can link directly to a specific roomId page:<roomId>

The above will be translated into the room URL with the roomId designated by <roomId>. If the roomId isn’t unique, then the last one created with that roomId will be linked to.

Peer in a room

Peers in testRTC are unique only within a specific room. You can link directly to a specific peerId inside a room page:<peerId>&room=<roomId>

The above will be translated into the peer URL with the roomId designated by <roomId> and the peerId designated by <peerId>.

Linking from watchRTC to your system

In watchRTC, on a room page or a peer page, the roomId and peerId fields can be made clickable. In such a case, clicking them can link to a page on your choosing in your own system.

For this, we use two URL templates that can be configured:

  1. Room URL template, which receives {%roomId%} as a variable
  2. Peer URL template, which receives {%roomId%} and {%peerId%} as variables

If we were to redirect these to the same page for example, we would use the following template configurations:


If you would like to use these fields and redirect them to your own pages, submit a support ticket with the relevant information.

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