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How to configure firewalls for watchRTC metrics collection?

watchRTC collects its metric via a secure WebSocket connected to the testRTC backend servers.

The only connection you need to configure on your firewall is for devices reaching out to wss:// and/or – both on port 443.

watchRTC offers 3 alternatives to deal with firewalls:

  1. Configure the firewall by opening connections to wss:// and on port 443
  2. Set up your own CNAME redirection to (something like watchrtc.<your-domain>.com). This has the added benefit of requiring less configuration for your end users if you are already asking for them to wildcard *.<your-domain>.com for example
  3. Setup a proxy in your own data centers and configure it to our servers. You will also need to configure the SDK by redirecting it to your proxy

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