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Can a room be kept open while empty in watchRTC?

By default, when you give watchRTC a roomId, it will check if that room exists and is open. If it is, then it will add the new peer that just joined into the existing room. If that room doesn’t exist (or got closed), then it will create a new room with that roomId.

watchRTC doesn’t need a roomId to be unique over time – this means that you can reuse a roomId. The roomId will automatically be released and closed when there is no one left in the room. The moment the last peer that is collecting watchRTC statistics leaves the room – the room will close and get analyzed by watchRTC.

There are instances where you’d like rooms to be kept open when no one is left in them. This is usually the case for applications where scheduled events take place, where users might actually join early and then leave and rejoin for example. In such cases, your account on watchRTC can be configured on our end to wait a few minutes until it gets closed.

Doing so will also delay the analysis of the data in the room.

If you would like to configure your account for delayed room closure, please contact our support.

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