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What does “Bad DNS resolution” mean?

In qualityRTC there’s a set of silent tests that can be added to an account. One such test is DNS resolution, which checks to see if the resolution mechanism used works well with the DNS server of the user.

When you see the message Bad DNS resolution in a qualityRTC network test result, it means that the automatic geolocation resolution used by the service picked out a data center that might not be optimal.

We’ve seen these things happen for example when a user configured is DNS provider to be Cloudflare DNS and the geolocation logic provided by AWS Route 53. This sometimes lead to a person in Europe getting assigned to a US based data center, which can reduce media quality due to the increased latency.

What to do in such a case?

  1. Check what DNS provider is configured. You may need to change it
  2. Configure the location explicitly in front of your communication application so that automatic geolocation is overridden for it

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