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upRTC Monitoring

By using the testRTC monitoring service you can monitor the true availability of your production service at all times and to track and compare your application’s actual quality of service in different times and from different locations. When there is an active monitor, testRTC will run the monitor’s predefined tests on a periodic basis.

Configuring a monitor

In order to configure a monitor, click on the ‘Monitoring’ menu item in the left menu bar and in the monitoring page click on the ‘Create new monitor’ button.

In the ‘Monitor configuration’ page, please configure the following properties:

  • Execute Test Namechoose one of the defined tests in your account. The test selected will also act as the name of the monitor
  • Description – textual description of the monitor
  • Frequency – choose one of the following monitor execution frequencies:
    • Run once a day
    • Run every hour
    • Run every 15 minutes
  • Alarm If – choose one or more of the following alerting possibilities:
    • Test Failed – situations such as no media in session. It is possible to define test’s success or failure inside the test script by using the rtcSetTestExpectation command
    • Warnings in monitor run results – situations where a monitor run completes but warnings were collected

Monitor alerts will be sent by email to the email address defined in for the testRTC account.

It is possible to:

  • Define additional email addresses to receive the alerts. Please contact us to configure this option
  • Receive the alert using a software API that can be integrated to different services such as your company’s monitoring service. Please contact us to configure this option, or read more about it here

Enabling and Disabling a monitor

When creating a new monitor and clicking on the ‘Save’ button, the monitor will be created in the active state.

When editing an existing monitor and clicking on the ‘Save’ button, the monitor’s state will remain as was before editing its properties.

In the Monitoring page, you can change the monitor’s state between ‘on’ and ‘off’ by clicking on the monitor’s toggle.

Monitor Run History

The ‘Monitor Run History’ page will list all executed monitors and the monitors’ execution results.

It is possible to click on every monitor entry to see the detailed monitor execution results.

Monitors’ scheduling

The testRTC monitoring manager will execute the active monitors, based on the monitors’ define frequency. Note that the monitor execution timing accuracy is not committed – testRTC’s monitoring service may execute the active monitors few minutes before or after the monitor’s planned time.

Monitors retry mechanism

In order to ensure the highest quality of the testRTC monitoring service, we monitor our monitoring service. In case that we encounter a problem in the way we executed a monitor, a retry mechanism will be activated and the monitor will run again immediately.

In the case of a failure of the monitor execution due to any problem in the service failure, the monitor will alert about the failure and will not retry.

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