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The Bandwidth Speed Widget runs an HTTPS speed test from the user’s device to your data center location.

This test gives a general indication of the link quality, hinting to the availability of a fiber connection, ADSL or other. It also gives an estimate to the upper limit of the connection speed available between the user’s location and your infrastructure.

Estimated run time: 35 seconds


During onboarding, we can:

  • Use our own deployment of speed testing machines
    • We use AWS data centers
    • We can make some or all of them available to you, based on where your service is deployed
    • We link to the closest one via Amazon Route 53
  • Install speed test servers at your own data centers using our qualityRTC Server add-on
  • Change the file sizes used for the bandwidth test
  • Throttle the bandwidth to limit it to a certain maximum threshold

When to use?

The Bandwidth Speed widget is almost always deployed by our clients. It gives them a good understanding on the network type and available bandwidth of their end users.

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