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Data Streams in qualityRTC

Data streams in qualityRTC are generated when a user runs a network test. That data gets collected by the testRTC backend. The data is then compiled at set intervals and stored in the configured object store. You can use this mechanism to enrich your data or run your own proprietary queries on the data.

qualityRTC makes the data it collects available to you in a programmable format, consumable by external business intelligence (BI) systems via a data streams mechanism.

For more information please see the article What are data streams?

Create a data stream

If you would like to begin using data streams today, please read the article on How to Create a Data Stream to get started.

  • Data streams are not available in all accounts
  • They require enterprise plans.

JSON structure

The JSON structure shares the same format as our webhooks. For more information regarding the structure please see the article on Webhook support in qualityRTC

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