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DEVICE STATE: What we measure

The Device State Widget shows information collected by other tests, placing it all in a convenient location.

Data we collect and share

Audio Indicates if an audio device (microphone) was allowed access to
Device Provides the name of the audio device used by default on the machine (and the one used during the test)
Network Indicates what network type the browser thinks it is using. This is a best-effort parameter, available only on some browsers

Things to notice

  • Make sure that access to the audio device is allowed.
  • Check that the device name provided makes sense. You’ll be able to notice here use of remote desktop type solutions (VDI) or bluetooth devices for example.
  • If your user is using WiFi as his network, it might be worthwhile checking his jitter values and pointing out he might be too far from the access point if his network seems somewhat “flaky”.

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