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URL parameters in probeRTC

probeRTC is meant to run on its own with little assistance from the user. From time to time, there is a need to modify its behavior, especially when further troubleshooting is required. This is enabled either via the probe creation options or via URL parameters when running a probeRTC probe.

Supported URL variables

All variables are optional. You are not mandated to add any of them to the URL.

Variable Description
debug=continuous In this mode we ignore the configured frequency and will run test, wait 10 sec and run again, with no refresh
run Enables running a single specific test out of the battery of tests conducted by qualityRTC. For test names, look at the log of a test result for the bracketed test name.

Example: ?run=TurnConnectivity

wakeLock=true This enables instructing the device not to shut down the screen during test

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