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Understand the test result’s ‘call setup time’ value

The call setup time is one of the test report quality measurements designed to show the time it took to connect the sessions. Depending on what service you are running in testRTC, you will see the call setup time information in different places:

  • testingRTC and upRTC now show call setup time in the overview section
  • watchRTC shows the call setup time at the top ribbon section

This value represents the time in millisecond it takes for WebRTC to connect a session. We define that time from the moment the first setLocalDescription() WebRTC API call is called and until the first onconnectionstatechange(connected) is received. This calculation tries to eliminate user decision making processes such as allowing access to camera or microphone or the need for a user to click in order to answer or join a session.

The number is measured in milliseconds and should usually be below 400 milliseconds. Higher than that, and you might have a problem lurking somewhere in your application.

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