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User Roles & Permissions

User roles and permissions are used to grant different levels of platform access to users. Use these to restrict access to various parts of the platform.

Each company has a set of roles and permissions that they can assign to each user. This system of authorization can restrict user access on different areas of the platform based on permissions associated with each role.

  • When a user is trying to take certain actions, testRTC will check the user’s role for the project involved. Once the role is known, it will see if the relevant permissions are enabled for the user’s role.
  • If they are, then the action will take place, otherwise, an error message will be displayed.


testRTC offers the following roles out of the box:

Role Permissions
Account admin
  • Has access to all permissions for the project

  • Has all permissions to all products

  • Has all permissions to product settings

  • Has view (read-only) permissions for testingRTC, upRTC and watchRTC

  • Has all permissions (Read/Write) for qualityRTC, probeRTC and analyzeRTC

Note: In order to invite new users or change user roles you must be logged in as an Account admin.

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