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The TURN Connectivity Widget tests the link connectivity and response time connecting to the TURN servers in your deployment. It does so over UDP, TCP and TLS.

The results shown indicate the roundtrip time for messages to the TURN server in the various transport protocols. This is used to find out if any firewall configuration might be blocking traffic (specifically over UDP).

Estimated run time: 4 seconds

Alternative look and feel

  • Simplified UI: A simplified UI for this widget is also available where only the best connection that succeeded is shown on the widget. The information collected in the log itself stays the same:

  • Multiple deployments: If you support both your own internal TURN servers and an external managed service such as XirSys or Twilio, then we can configure the TURN CONNECTIVITY widget to show two rows of results, one for each deployment:

Silent test

The TURN CONNECTIVITY test can also be executed silently. This means it won’t show up as a widget for the user but the information will still be found in the log.


During onboarding, we can:

  • Select between the default and the simplified UI
  • Replace and connect this widget to your TURN servers
  • Decide which TURN transports to use (UDP, TCP and/or TLS)
  • Add HTTPS/WSS tests (if you offer such non-standard relay mechanism)
  • Support two sets of TURN servers (in-house and managed)
  • The sample uses Twilio’s TURN servers
  • Available “out of the box”:

Widget Logging

The TURN CONNECTIVITY widget logs more information than is being displayed. This information includes:

  • TURN server addresses
  • Gathering time
  • Connection time


The following table outlines the default threshold for the values collected. These thresholds are customizable.
Metric Good Mediocre Bad
UDP Below 2,000ms 2,000-4,000ms Above 4,000ms
TCP Below 2,000ms 2,000-4,000ms Above 4,000ms
TLS Below 2,000ms 2,000-4,000ms Above 4,000ms

The numbers indicate the time to connect each TURN type.

When to use?

For all voice and video scenarios, where you have TURN servers as part of your setup already.

If you don’t have TURN servers, it might still make sense to run this service. In such a case, using our own qualityRTC Server add-on.

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