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Status 3002 - User's machine time got modified mid-session

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Code: 3002
Type: Warning
Category: Signaling
Products: watchRTC
Message: User's machine time got modified mid-session

What is this about?

Some users try to “game the system” by changing their device’s clock. They would change the clock to sometime in the past (usually a day or more), and then after signing in or taking action in your application, bring back the clock to the current time - either manually or by having their machine synchronize with the network time.

We track such changes as we need to compensate for them while collecting metrics, so when we notice this we also indicate that to you.

What does this look like in the analysis?

The analysis won’t show you anything specific.

This is because we compensate for the time difference on the server when we see this occurring.

Potential risks

Depending on your application, this might or might not be interesting and relevant to you.

Suggested actions to take

  • See if this affects your application and its behavior. Mainly around billing or other time calculations

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