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Status 4002 - No incoming packets mid-session

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Code: 4002
Type: Warning
Category: Media
Products: testingRTC, watchRTC, analyzeRTC
Message: No incoming packets mid-session
Figure 1. Example of a 4002 Error Notification

What is this about?

This warning appears when there are no incoming packets for a few seconds on an incoming media stream in the middle of the stream.

Such behavior is considered irregular and is flagged for further analysis. In most cases, this means that the other end of the connection is a media server that for unknown reasons (usually faulty), stopped sending any media.

What does this look like in the analysis?

Expect to see something like this chart for bitrate on the user level page:

Figure 2. Example of an incoming bitrate analysis

Or this for packets in testRTC Internals:

Figure 3. Example of an incoming packet analysis

Potential risks

Complaints around this from users will usually be around not being able to hear the other side at all, while the other person (or persons) can hear everyone in the session.

Suggested actions to take

  • Check the media server and its logs. For some reason, it decided to stop sending any media to the user being monitored. There is likely a software glitch in there

  • Review the frequency of these errors. If they occur too much, it means this requires your full attention to resolve

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