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Status 6001 - Video encoder limited by CPU

Encoder reduced bitrate due to CPU issues more than 20% of the time. Read the full article to learn more.

Code: 6001
Type: Warning
Category: Video specific
Products: testingRTC, watchRTC, analyzeRTC
Message: Encoder reduced bitrate due to CPU issues more than 20% of the time.
Figure 1. Status 6001 Notification Example

What is this about?

The CPU of the device used seem to be straining under the load, causing it to reduce the quality of outgoing video it is generating.

What does this look like in the analysis?

Outgoing video bitrate will be lower than the estimated available bandwidth.

You might even notice some packet loss and other media metrics showing the strain.

Potential risks

When the CPU is constrained it affects the media quality across the board.

WebRTC will try to reduce its CPU consumption by lowering bitrates on encoded outgoing video streams to compensate. If this happens too often, it might indicate an issue in the application itself in managing bandwidth properly.

Suggested actions to take

  • If this is a multiparty call with a lot of media streams, you should consider improving and optimizing how you manage these streams

  • Check the device makeup and see that it is within the specifications of your application in terms of its CPU capabilities

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