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Status 3001 - Peer connection closed a lot later than needed

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Code: 3001
Type: Warning
Category: Signaling
Products: testingRTC and watchRTC
Message: Peer connection closed a lot later than needed

What is this about?

When a call disconnects, its peer connection object is kept open by the browser. The application is expected to explicitly close the peer connection in order for the browser to free its memory during a garbage collection process at some later point.

Sometimes, applications forget to close the peer connection for one reason or another. testRTC detects such cases and alerts about them.

What does this look like in the analysis?

If you look at the Events log in testRTC Internals, you will be able to see all state machine events, including disconnected and closed. The closed event will be a lot later than it should be.

Potential risks

Not closing peer connections means potential memory leaks. Not critical, but important, especially if users stay on the same web page for long periods of time and may open multiple peer connections.

Suggested actions to take

  • Review your application code and call the RTCPeerConnection close() method at the proper time

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