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Status 3061 - setLocalDescription failure

A call to setLocalDescription failed for some reason. Read the full article to learn more.

Code: 3061
Type: Warning
Category: Signaling
Products: analyzeRTC
Message: A call to setLocalDescription failed for some reason

What is this about?

WebRTC requires the exchange of SDP messages. These are done using signaling messages that are outside the scope of WebRTC itself.

When such messages need to be reported to WebRTC, the application itself calls setRemoteDescription() to set an SDP it received from the remote participant and to setLocalDescription() to set an SDP it created and before sending it to the remote participant.

In this case, the call to setLocalDescription() failed, likely due to a bug or a timing issue in the application’s internal logic

Potential risks

These types of failures are rare. If they happen, it usually means there is a bug in the application. This relates to calling setLocalDescription() at the wrong time or state.

You can use this warning to drill down and figure out where the flawed logic in your application is in order to fix it.

Suggested actions to take

  • Drill down to find out why the failure occurred and fix your application code

  • Track percentage of failures across your platform over time

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