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Status 5002 - Too many audio packets are getting discarded

Too many audio packets are getting discarded (X% of packets). Read the full article to learn more.

Code: 5002
Type: Warning
Category: Audio specific
Products: testingRTC, watchRTC, analyzeRTC
Message: Too many audio packets are getting discarded (X% of packets)

What is this about?

The device received audio packets, but hasn’t decoded them. This is wasteful, and can indicate an issue with the application’s performance.

What does this look like in the analysis?

If you open testRTC Internals, then for the incoming audio channel, you will see that there are packetsDiscarded.

Potential risks

When audio packets are discarded it can easily lead to a reduction in audio quality.

Intentionally discarding packets can happen if they are sent too late to be useful or when the device doesn’t have enough CPU to decode them.

Suggested actions to take

  • Check the performance of the device. See if there are other indications of high CPU use

  • Look at the latency (round trip time) and jitter, to see if their values are too high

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